Research Ethics

The University of Calgary‚Äôs Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (CFREB) has reviewed and approved all engagement activities . This means that engagement activities have been reviewed to ensure the ethical treatment of participants; this includes clear and accessible consent processes, protection of participant information and confidentiality, and minimizing any risks associated with participation for both individuals and communities. The Research Program operates with arms-length research funding and is not affiliated with any infrastructure project proponent, advocacy group or government entity.

The CNC Research Team additionally works with all participating Indigenous organizations and communities to ensure that the principles of OCAP (Ownership, Control, Access, Possession) are respected and applied to engagement activities and resulting research findings. This includes respecting the proprietary nature of certain data, returning research findings to participating organizations and communities, and ensuring that Free, Prior, and Informed Consent is an integral part of all engagement processes.

Current Ethics Certifications
  • University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (REB21-1473: Community Engagement Program)
  • University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (REB20-1717: Stakeholder Engagement Program)
  • Yukon Scientists and Explorers Licence (22-68S&E)