Community Engagement Program

Community Engagement Program

The Community Engagement Sessions will take place from February to October 2022. We are meeting with Indigenous and non-indigenous communities across Northern and Mid-Canada to learn what a Canadian Northern Corridor could mean for them in terms of both benefits and costs. This conversations will include exploring such issues as transportation and telecommunications; visioning economic opportunities; and identifying social, environmental and cultural interests and concerns.

Our goal is to hear as many perspectives, opinions, stories, and ideas as possible in order to get an inclusive and balanced picture of how corridor development could create opportunities, and challenges, within Indigenous and non-indigenous communities.

The communities our research team will be speaking with are a mix of rural and urban, remote and accessible, inland and port, and stretch from Labrador to British Columbia. Approximately half of the communities we plan to meet with are Indigenous governed or have a majority population of Indigenous Peoples, including M├ętis, First Nations, and Inuit communities.

While our initial engagement activities will be conducted virtually due to public health considerations, most of our research activities will involve travel to communities themselves to hold both formal engagement sessions and informal conversations with all interested community members.

Get Involved

At this time, only members of invited communities are able to participate in our Community Engagement Program. However, you are invited to contact us at corridor@ucalgary.ca with your questions, concerns, and any other feedback about our engagement program.